Vice Principal/Acting Principal Message

Vice Principal/Acting Principal Message

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

True  education empowers  minds that  will  be  able  to  conceive  good  thoughts  and  ideas. The  world  today  is  changing  at  such  an  accelerated  rate  that  it is of paramount  importance  to  impart  an  integrated  education  to  the  future  citizens  of  the  nation, for  facing  all  challenges  of  life.

At RRAA, we ensure student’s emotional growth along with intellectual  excellence.  This  will empowers  them  to   develop  their  self-steam ,  self - awareness  and  self –confidence. 

There is a spark in every child’s mind. The RRAA believes that this spark has to be transformed into a brilliance that benefits not just the child but the society as well. Hence, we provide an education that would develop all aspects of each individual student which is relevant to his/her needs and which will prepare him/her for life and face the challenges of the competitive world.

Our students are encouraged to participate to the fullest possible extent in the social, physical and cultural activities of the school so that they may emerge as self-disciplined, responsible and well-adjusted citizens, capable of playing an active and positive role in modern society.