Founder/Manager’s Message

Founder/Manager’s Message

Arise!, Awake! and Stop not until the goal is reached-  Swami Vivekanada

A life of Joy and Happiness is possible only on the basis of Knowledge and Science” stated Dr. Sarvapalli  Radhakrishnan. RRAA concurs on the  magnitude of this statement and strives to impact the lives of the students under its fold with positive and transforming learning experiences. The holistic intervention in education is imperative at every growth phase of the student. We are committed to provide a conducive environment to create a balance in the academic, emotional, spiritual, creative and physical development of students.

At RRAA we go the extra mile to delve into all the developmental aspects of the student. We have planned to provide continuous training to our staff in order that they may be agents of qualitative and holistic transformation in the lives of the students who pass through the portals of our institutions.

RRAA continuously strives for excellence in the field of education by adopting the best practices from around the globe and implementing innovation in our  instructional practice to provide an impetus and develop students to be worthy leaders and citizens of our nation.

Eng. Rajesh Kumar Gaur